Automatic Curry Powder Filling Packing Machine

  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port, China
  • Country Of Origin:China
Automatic curry powder filling machine adopts microcomputer control screw blanking mechanism, integrating machine, electricity, light, instrument, single-chip microcomputer control, step motor screw metering, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjust the measurement error, etc. Also can configure automatic feeding machine, conveyor, sealing machine and other equipment according to customer demand.
Automatic Curry Powder Filling Machine
Features Of Automatic Curry Powder Filling Machine
1. High quality 304 stainless steel, conforming to GMP requirements;
2. Automatic positioning of container, automatic filling material;
3. Suitable for filling powder into containers, drums, bottles, etc.
4. PLC touch screen control system, full Chinese interface, simple operation;
5. Servo system measurement, filling quantity and filling speed can be arbitrary adjusted, high precision.
6. This filling machine can automatically display the quantity of packaging, and can easily calculate the work load of the machine.
Bottle Powder Filling Machine
Advantages of Automatic Curry Powder Packing Machine
1. Fast speed: Using spiral material and optical control technology;
2. High precision: Adopting stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.
3. Wide packing scope: Within filling range, the same set of quantitative filling machine through the electronic balance keyboard adjust and replace the lower feeding screw with different specifications continuously.
4. Wide usage: Suitable for certain liquid powder form, powder materials;
5. The error caused by the material proportion and the change of material position can be automatically tracked and corrected.
6. All the material contact parts are made of all 304 stainless steel, which is in accordance with GMP requirements.
Technical Data
Model LG-F01S
Packaging materials powder, flour
Weighing range 1-5000g
Filling accuracy 1% (different materials vary)
Filling speed 30-45 bags / min
Power supply 220v /50-60HZ
Machine size 3000 * 1060 * 2000mm


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