Semi Automatic Salt Pouch Packing Machine|Salt Packaging Machine

  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port, China
  • Country Of Origin:China
Semi Auto Salt Pouch Packaging MachineIntroduction for Salt Pouch Packaging Machine
This salt pouch packing machine is semi-automatic powder packaging machine, mainly used in powder, micro powder and fine particle materials quantitative packing, such as flour, milk powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, dyes, chemicals, food ingredients, additives, enzymes, etc.
New Features of Semi Auto Power Packing Machine
This machine is a new type of powder packaging machine developed by my company, in the forefront of digital ac servo system to replace the traditional stepper motor control mode, use the advanced touch screen instead of the original digital tube display and ordinary button type keyboard, using PLC to replace the original industrial microcomputer, the machine performance is more outstanding.
Characteristics of Salt Pouch Packaging Machine
All Chinese or English menu, more intuitive, simple operation;
This powder packing machine adopts PLC control, low fault rate and higher reliability;
Materials with full digital ac servo motor control, high control precision;
Transparent type of silo, convenient observation material level;
Quick disassembling structure, easy to clean.
Technical Data
Model LG-GFS
Packing weight 5-5000g    
Packing accuracy <±1%
Packing speed 1500-3000bags/h
Accuracy class 1.0
voltage 380V 50HZ
power 700W
weight 350kg
size 1100*700*1950mm


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