Automatic Peanut Butter Filling Capping Machine

  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port, China
  • Country Of Origin:China
Automatic Peanut Butter Filling Machine
Automatic peanut butter filling capping machine is a collection for light, electricity, gas, quantitative accurate, high filling precision, simple operation, easy maintenance, equipment using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel manufacturing, conform to the hygiene requirements. The filling process keeps isolation with the outside world, ensure the sanitary filling requirements, electric control USES the Taiwan electrical components each pneumatic actuators to complete the filling process of precise control, filling principle of using pressure type filling, simplifies the installation process, improve the efficiency of the filling. Can be widely used in sauce automation packaging production, suitable for packing peanut butter, sesame tahini, juice, milk, etc.

Product features: 
1, Full color touch screen, terminal display operation platform, and USES the Chinese or English menu, simple intuitive; Greatly convenient for the adjustment of the parameters and testing of various functions;
2, Frequency control of motor speed conveyor system, is adjustable according to the production speed(the length can be customized according to customer's request);
3, The whole machine adopts SUS304 material production, beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, safe, easy operation, etc;
4, Piston metering device has high precision, accurate and reliable; quantitative;
5, Adopt imported sealing device, add effective drip tight measures, ensure the drip absolutely;
6, Container with the loading container, the container configuration mixing and separate cleaning pipe, convenient cleaning.
Technical Data
Model LGP-4
Filling Range 100-300g
(Can be customized)
Filling Speed 1200-1500 bottle/h
Accuracy 2-4% g
Voltage AC/380V/50Hz
Power 3 kw
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Volume 120 L
Bottle Height 80-180 mm
Size 1500*1200*2100mm


If you need the price of the machine,please feel free to submit your inquiry, we will reply you with detail ASAP.

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