8 Spouts Rotary Cement Filling Packing Machine

  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port, China
  • Country Of Origin:China
Working Principle Of 8 Mouths Rotary Cement Packing Machine
Powder particles packing material by bucket elevator conveying to vibrating screen, after the screen picking out the debris into the intermediate storage. Intermediate warehouse storage of materials by the spiral gate flow adjustment, impeller feeder evenly after feeding, through the valve flap lock ash, chute, soft connection into the rotary cylinder body of the packaging machine. Rotary cylinder material through the bottom separated barrel into the hopper, the high-speed impeller into the mouth, filling to cement bags.
Rotary Cement Packing Machine
Features of Automatic Rotary Cement Packing Machine
The rotation of the cylinder adopts frequency control of motor speed, speed range of 0.45- 4.5 RPM, depending on the speed adjust workers. Rotating cylinder body of material level control by suspension of open and stop of the control mechanism, to ensure the drum show there has been enough material inside. Rotating cylinder to achieve the designated pockets, point out bag, and make the tube material is uniformly distributed in the body. The whole filling process for electromechanical integrated control, in addition to the artificial sidekicks, cement bag, open mouth, filling bag, weighing measuring, falling bags, etc all can be done automatically.
Technical Data
LG-8 Cement Packing Machine
Name Qty Specification
Cement Packing Machine 1 8 filling mouths
Vibration Screen 1 120T
Pneumatic Valve 1 300
Spiral Gate 1 400*400
Rigid Impeller Feeder 1 400*400
Bags Picking Machine 1 800*2500
Bags Collating Unit 1  
Bags Clearance Unit 1  
Electric Cabinet 10  
Automatic Self Loader
Automatic Self Loader Unit 1 12M
Lifting Machines
Lifting Machines Unit 1 NE150*16


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