Packaging Material for Nuts

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What are packaging material for nuts? Mainly have the following:
1. Kraft paper / Al / LDPE, OPP / VMPET / PE, paper / VMPET / PE: commonly used in the packaging of sunflower seeds.
2. PA/PE, KPA/PE: Commonly used for the packaging of butter peanuts.
3. Paper / PE, paper / VMPET / PE, OPP / VMPET / PE, PET / VMPET / PE: commonly used in the packaging of small particles of pistachio nuts.
4. KPET/PE: It has good oil and moisture resistance and is used for the packaging of nutty foods with high fat content.
5. KPET/CPP (or PE): KPET is a BOPET single-coated film suitable for packaging composite films such as peanuts and dried fruits.
 Packing Materials of Nuts
In addition to different packaging material for nuts, there are different packaging methods:
1. Flexible packaging: For the packaging of bulk nut foods, the packaging bags are not filled with any substances, and the packaging materials are generally selected from composite packaging materials, but the shelf life of the finished packaging bags is different according to the barrier properties of different materials.
2. Vacuum packaging: Vacuuming will extend the shelf life of the product to prevent the volatilization of the nut and the deterioration of the grease. The material of the vacuum bag will be relatively softer to allow the nuts to fit completely.
3. Inflatable packaging: Nitrogen is an inert gas that prevents the oxidative deterioration of nuts.
 Types of Nuts Packaging
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