Automatic Ketchup Pouch Packing Machine For Sale

Release: 2018-05-23 18:32:11 Editor:Sherry
Now ketchup packing machine are very popular in the market, first we need to analyze from its technical characteristics, the appearance of any product is for the convenience of people's lives, ketchup pouch packing machine meets the demand of the sauce factory, and the intelligent operation improves the production efficiency of the enterprise, and makes the packaging more simple.
The automatic ketchup packing machine is our company specially design for ketchup and other sauces products pouch packaging, the machine has a higher degree of automation, can complete metering, feeding, filling bag, date printing, product delivery automatically, such as a series of packaging process. The ketchup pouch packing machine is suitable for sticky material packaging such as chili sauce, ketchup, seasoning sauce, etc.
Features and Uses of automatic ketchup packing machine:
1. The ketchup pouch packing machine is controlled by micro-computer, large display touch screen, excellent performance, simple operation.
2. Perfect automatic alarm protection function, will reduce the loss to the lowest, can eliminate the breakdown in time.
3. The automatic ketchup packing machine can make three-side sealing bag type, back-sealed bag type, four edges sealing bag type according to customer needs, beautiful packaging form, high measurement accuracy.
4. Use multi-channel high-temperature sealing mechanism, with accurate temperature control, good sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
Packing material:
Paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum/polyethylene, polyester/polyethylene, Bopp thin touch, such as heat-sealed composite materials.
There are different ketchup packing machine for sale in our company, if you have any demand, please contact us for free.
Ketchup Packing Machine For Sale

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