Automatic Honey Filling Machine Sold To India

Release: 2018-06-01 17:08:52 Editor:Sherry
Sold one set automatic honey filling machine to India today. This honey filling machine can not only be used for honey, but also can pack chili sauce, shampoo and other paste.
The mixing system of the automatic honey filling machine adopts the frequency conversion speed of unidirectional or bidirectional wall scraping agitator, and there are a variety of impeller form, suitable for different types of products production. The materials can be heated or cooled according to the process requirements. The heating method can be steam heating or electric heating according to customer requirements. The machine is made of stainless steel, and the hopper and pipe are polished with mirror. Through the display screen, the operation of the equipment can be fully monitored, and data such as temperature and stirring speed can be displayed. The dual frequency conversion motor drives separately to control the vertical and horizontal sealing roller cylinder to ensure wider and stronger program function.
Notes for using automatic honey filling machine:
1. If there is no material in the hopper, the machine must be closed to prevent idling from damaging the machine.
2. Regularly check the integrity of the filter screen to prevent sundries from entering.
3. If the empty bag is found, the machine should be stopped immediately to check whether the material in the hopper is sufficient or whether the feeding port is blocked.
4. Lubricating oil should be added regularly and maintained regularly to ensure long term normal operation of the machine.
About the packaging of the machine
In general, we use PE film wrap the machine first, and then use a standard export wooden box for packaging.
In addition to India, the automatic honey filling machine also export to the USA, Australia, Turkey and other countries, if you need more details about the machine, please contact us for free.
Automatic Honey Filling Machine

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