How to Start Tea Packaging Business?

Release: 2019-07-26 16:38:53 Editor:Sherry
How to start tea packaging business? We all know that after processing tea, it is in bulk, and the sale after packaging can not only improve the appearance, but also increase the income.
But how to start the packaging business?
First you need to choose a suitable tea packaging machine to help you complete the packaging process. Before you buy the machine, you need to decide what kind of shape you want to make, triangular, square or round,  choose a suitable machine. Then you can use the machine to complete the packing process.
 Tea Packaging Business
How to pack tea by the machine?
The whole packaging process is fully automatic, the machine automatically completes weighing, filling, sealing, output. And our tea packaging machine is combined with tea form research and development, stable performance. It adopts microcomputer control technology, automatic temperature control, automatic setting of bag length, automatic transmission of packaging film, to achieve the best packaging effect.
Then you need to choose good tea. Only good tea can attract more customers.
1.  If you smell any bad taste in the tea, such as stale or burnt, there must be something wrong with the tea.
2. Look at the color of the tea. The better the transmittance and refraction of the tea, the better the quality of the tea. Good green tea soup color is light green; Good red tea can see a ring of gold at the water's edge, which is the reason for the high refractive index.
3. Look at the bottom rate. the faster the subsidence of tea leaves after water absorption rises, the better the quality of tea leaves. If it is pu 'er or tieguanyin, pick out a good tea leaf, the thicker the leaf, the better the tea.
Through these two points, your tea packaging business will be successful.

If you need the price of the machine,please feel free to submit your inquiry, we will reply you with detail ASAP.

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