How to Pack Coffee for Sale?

Release: 2019-07-10 17:28:29 Editor:Sherry
As the pace of life accelerates, fast food becomes more and more popular, and the demand for instant coffee increases gradually. So more and more people plan to start a coffee packing business, but do you know how to pack coffee for sale?
 Coffee Powder Bag
Because coffee is a powdery substance, it makes it difficult to package, but the appearance of the coffee packaging machine solves this problem well.
How to pack coffee by machine?
Install the packaging material before use. After the power is turned on, the packaging material is pulled down by the pull bag stepping motor, and then the conveying part provides the packaging material according to the signal of the sensor. The packaging material is molded through the former portion, and the bottom of the bag is sealed by the heating portion. Finally, the material is cut, and when the packaging material enters the packaging machine, it is sealed and cut. Then we get a complete bag.
 Coffee Powder Packing Machine

However, in order to make the machine work better, pay attention to the following matters when using it.
1. Check the power supply and electrical control switch every day to check whether other components are safe and reliable. Check the operation of each part to see if there is any abnormal sound.
2. High temperature protection, gloves should be used during operation to avoid contact with the heat seal position and avoid burns.
3. Pay attention to the protection of the machine head during use. When the machine is running, the surface temperature of the machine head is relatively high. Avoid contact with the surface of the machine head during operation to avoid burns.
4. The power supply of this machine should be AC 220V/50HZ. If it does not meet the local voltage requirements, you must communicate with our customer service staff, we will arrange technical personnel to modify.
If you have any plan to start coffee packing business, contact us for free.

If you need the price of the machine,please feel free to submit your inquiry, we will reply you with detail ASAP.

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