How Packaging of Dried Fruits And Nuts?

Release: 2019-03-13 18:20:23 Editor:Sherry
We always see that dried fruits and nuts are packed into small packet in market? But do you know how packaging of dried fruits and nuts? The nuts packing machine is a very useful tool for doing this work.
 Packaging of Dried Fruit and Nuts
How to pack of dried fruits and nuts by machine?
The roll film bypasses the guide roller set and the tensioning device, after the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection control device, wrapped into a film cylinder by a former to wrap the surface of the filling tube. First, longitudinally heat-sealing the interface portion of the cylinder with a longitudinal heat sealer to obtain a sealed tube, and then the tubular film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for transverse sealing to form a package tube.
The metering device fills the material into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube, and then heat seals and cuts it by the transverse heat sealing device to form the packaging bag unit body, and at the same time forms the bottom sealing of the next bag, the packaging is completed.
 Nuts Packaging Machine
What are advantages of packaging dried fruits and nuts by machine?
1. The contact part with the material is made of stainless steel, so that the material is not polluted during the packaging process.
2. In case of failure, it can promptly stop and stop, reduce the loss of materials and packaging materials, and automatically store data to ensure the continuity of production.
3. LCD panel microcomputer control, the bag making system adopts stepping motor, automatically tracks and locates the color code of the packaging bag, and sets the length of the bag to easily complete the operation and adjustment of the bag making.
4. The latest photoelectric control system, automatic positioning, alignment of the cursor, reduce manual adjustment, improve the utilization rate of packaging materials.
5. There is speed measurement function, digital display packaging speed.
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