What Is Coffee Packaging Process?

Release: 2019-10-14 18:59:42 Editor:Sherry
Coffee always packed into small bags then sell in market, but do you know what is the coffee packaging process?
The coffee packaging process always complete by automatic coffee powder packing machine, the specific process is as follows:
 Coffee Packing Process

Install the packaging material on the machine before using, the booting is carried out by the pull bag stepping motor, and then the conveying part provides the packaging film according to the signal of the sensor. The packaging material is molded through the former portion, and the bottom portion of the packaging bag is sealed by the heating portion. Finally, it is cutting. When the coffee enters the machine, it is sealed and cut, so that a complete bag comes out.
However, in order to make the packaging process smoother, the following matters should be noted in the use process:
1. Check the power and electrical control switches every day to make sure they are safe and reliable. It is necessary to check the working conditions of each part, whether there are abnormal phenomena or noises, etc.
2. Pay attention to high temperature protection, operate with gloves, and avoid contact with heat seal position to avoid burns.
3. The protection of the machine head, when the machine is running, the surface temperature of the machine head is relatively high, and the surface of the machine head should be avoided during operation to prevent burns.
4. The power supply should be AC 220V/50HZ. For cities with unstable power supply, a voltage regulator should be installed to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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