What Is Tea Packaging Process?

Release: 2018-12-29 17:09:16 Editor:Sherry
Tea bags are a popular way to drink tea in many countries, but do you know what is tea packaging process?
There are many processes that need to be carried out before packaging tea, following is tea packing process:
Grinding — cleaning — drying — baking — crush — ingredients — sterilization — subcontract — packaging(weighing, filling, sealing, output)
 Tea Packaging Process
Among them, the packaging steps can be completely replaced by tea bag packing machine, which makes the packaging process more simple. The machine with following features:
〇 The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, the bag-making accuracy is high, and the error is less than 1mm.
〇 The temperature controller is used to make the sealing quality higher.
〇 Microcomputer bag length controller, can set the bag length arbitrarily and does not need to replace parts, can pre-count, display packaging speed, bag length and so on.
〇 PLC/touch screen programming control makes the performance more stable, the operation is simpler and more humanized.
〇 All parts in contact with the material are stainless steel.
This machine not only makes the tea packaging process simple and convenient, moreover, the finished package has the functions of moisture proof, odor prevention, and preservation. It has a wide range of packaging, replacing manual packaging, enabling packaging automation for large, medium and small businesses, increasing production efficiency and reducing costs.
What kind of tea can be packed in this machine?
This machine can be used for green tea, black tea, flower tea, Chinese tea, healthy tea, herb and other materials, if your materials are not in these materials, please tell us, then we can custom according to your materials. But you should send some pictures about your product.

If you need the price of the machine,please feel free to submit your inquiry, we will reply you with detail ASAP.

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