Small Shrink Wrap Machine for Sale

Release: 2018-04-26 15:24:05 Editor:Sherry
Small Shrink Wrap Machine
The small shrink wrap machine uses the principle of jet to shrink packaging, energy saving and efficient. The shrinkage temperature and motor drive speed are stable and adjustable, and the regulation range is wide.
Advantage of shrink wrap machine:
1. This machine adopts automatic PLC and touch screen computer control, and has the function of no membrane alarming and sealing and cutting obstacle alarming.
2. Wide application scope, high economic benefit and convenient operation.Compared to the traditional carton packaging, saving a lot of packaging costs.
3. Advanced design, very stable and reliable performance.
4. Shrinkage effect is good, the structure is novel and beautiful.
5. Convenient operation and maintenance.
6. The service life of the machine is longer than that of similar products.
7. Suitable for shrink packaging of PVC, POF, PP and other shrink film. The special jet principle is used to shrink the packing, which solves the phenomenon that the shrinkage effect of POF film is not good and folds in the packaging machine.
8. Mainly for the packaging of bottled beverages, at the same time with thermostatic (PE) shrink furnace supporting the use of packaging items to achieve complete, good shrinkage effect.
9. Constant temperature type special aluminum alloy sealing cutter, anti-adhesion, coking, not smoke, 0 pollution.
10. Conveyor belt with PTFE insulated tube, not hot, not damage package film.

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