Pillow Type Packing Machine Working Principle

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Pillow Type Packing Machine

How does pillow type packing machine work? Let us explain in detail now.
The packaging film roll of the pillow type packing machine is mounted on the shaft roller, and the packaged material is placed in the feeder (for irregular shaped articles, manual feeding is required), the conveyor belt conveys the packaged goods to the packaging position automatically, and is packaged in the packaging material. it is then pressed into a synthetic type after heating, sent to the transverse seal cutter for transverse sealing, cutting off, and then output from the conveyor belt.
Pillow type packaging machine uses variable frequency speed control motor, through the V-belt drive tooth chain type continuously variable transmission rotation, the gearbox through the speed of the transmission chain speed, get a different speed, and then passed to the next mechanism by the timing belt, The length of the paper film is adjusted, the output shaft of the gearbox is driven by the chain drive to rotate the film axis of the packaging film, and the packaging film is transported. The output length of the packaging film can be adjusted on the control screen, and the color code is traced by the photoelectric during the packaging process.
Reminder: There are more and more pillow type packing machine manufacturers on the market, and many machines are updating. However, not every manufacturer is able to meet the needs of all people, and the manufacturer's technology is also different. Therefore, after careful investigation, you can buy the packing machine.
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