Troubleshooting Of Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottles

Release: 2018-05-17 15:00:54 Editor:Sherry
Some customer ask us some method about heat shrink wrapping machine troubleshooting, now let's answer in turn.
1. Heat shrink packaging machine heating slow or can not rise to a higher temperature (160 degrees Celsius or above) what is the reason?
A: The heater line is the main power cord through a magnetic absorption switch to the electric tube, you should detect whether the magnetic absorption switch is normal first. If the line does not pass one of the phases, the above phenomenon occurs. If the magnetic absorption switch is normal, you can check the meter again to see if each phase position is the same as the ohmic value of the machine. If it is normal, the machine may be a short-circuit, if the various phase position are connected but the line or electric heat pipe is still abnormal, then you need to replace the heater.
2. L model bottle shrink wrapping machine in the work, the packaging film offset easily and can not normal feeding, how to adjust?
A: In the L-type shrink wrapping machine for bottles, if the packaging film offset, through the adjustment of film volume position and tension balance bar if all ineffective, you can adjust the angle of the upper triangular plate to solve this problem. If the upper packing film deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise; if the lower packing film deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted counterclockwise.

3. When the bottle shrink bottle wrapping machine packaging 6 bottles of cluster packaging, the electric eye can not detect packaging,  the cutting knife easy to cut the bottles, how should adjust?
A: Cluster packaging, the gap between the bottles will affect the detection of the electric eye, at this point can be a horizontal electric eye detection angle adjustment to bevel. After the adjustment can reduce the electric eye detection of the packaging gap in the probability, so as to avoid the process of cutting the possibility of inaccurate cut.

Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

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