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Sale one tea bag packing machine to Sri Lanka. This customer will use this machine to make triangle tea bags by nylon. When the customer inquiry our machine, he said that whether we have a agent in Sri Lanka, he only want to buy machine in Sri Lanka. Because he had bought a machine in India before, but there were some problems when it was ready for transportation. caused a lot of trouble, so he wanted to buy it locally this time. But since we have no agents in Sri Lanka, we have made a detailed solution to the customer's question, and finally we have reached a cooperation.
The tea bag packing machine we introduce to the customer is pyramid tea bag packing machine.
This machine is composed of the following devices: counter production quantities, the main motor protection device, motor variable voltage control, sliding volume overload protection device, stepper motor longitudinal transportation opened the door, check the label and safety limit switch, automatic packaging material tension adjusting device, no packing material alarm, ultrasonic load warning, electrostatic eliminator.
1. This machine is mainly used for triangle three-dimensional packaging and other forms of packaging bags.
2. It can automatically complete functions such as feeding, electronic weighing, ultrasonic bag-making, seamless cutting, counting and finished product transportation.
3. Precise control system is adopted to adjust the action of the whole machine, with compact structure, human-machine interface design, convenient operation, easy adjustment and easy maintenance. The film is driven by servo motor. The length of the bag is stable and the color standard is fixed.
4. Imported ultrasonic cutting technology is adopted, and the electronic weighing and feeding method is adopted. The sealing is firm, the feeding is accurate and the finished product is beautiful.
5. It contains automatic tension adjustment device, which will automatically alarm and stop when there is a failure.
In addition to Sri Lanka, we also sale tea bag packing machine in India, UK, and other countries, welcome to contact us for more details:
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Tea Bag Packing Machine Sale In Sri Lanka

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