Shrink Wrapping Machinery In Algeria

Release: 2016-06-27 15:28:33 Editor:Ella
Algeria customer inquiry shrink packing machine. Customers are doing and beverage industry, in order to facilitate transportation, the beverage 6, 9, 12 beverage bottles are packaged together. Transportation to customer requirements from the port BENI SAF ALGERIA him near, packaging materials meet the export quarantine requirements.
We not only sell stand-alone machine, this machine can also mix beverage dispenser (liquid into a bottle or bag), capping machine,Sealing and Cutting Machine and then add a conveyor belt directly connected shrink packaging machine. Reduce human resources, improve work efficiency.
Shrink packaging machine Description:
Shrink Packaging is the international market, one of the more advanced packaging methods. It is the use of shrink film package outside of the product or package, then heated to shrink packaging products and bind tightly or attachments, it shows that the exhibition of goods, to increase the sense of beauty and value;
Shrink machine is widely used in glass bottles, cans, boxes, toys, books, records, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, and other items to commemorate the label packaging.

The following is a detailed view of the machine:
Transmission Structure                                                    Control Panel      

HOT88热竞技If you need the price of the machine,please feel free to submit your inquiry, we will reply you with detail ASAP.

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