Cellophane Over Wrapper Machine Sold To UK

Release: 2017-08-18 20:15:21 Editor:Diana
Automatic Business Cards Cellophane Over Wrapper Machine
One set playing card packing machine was sold to UK, customer was looking a wrapping machine, that means cellophane over wrapper machine, for wrapping business cards. This cellophane over wrapper machine is mainly used for bulk products packing, such as bulk poker, caramel treats, removable self-stick notes, playing cards, business cards, notepapers, wafer biscuit, etc. The machine is featured with rational structure, good-looking, stable running and easy adjustment.
Business Cards Wrapping Machine
Wrapping Machine for Business Cards
Following are pictures of business cards wrapped by cellophane over wrapper machine:
Cellophane Wrap Machine for Wrapping Playing Cards
Cellophane Wrapper Machine for Business Cards
Business Cards Cellophane Over Wrapper

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